David Teufel

Sports Trainer

My love of sports started the day I received my first skateboard. Even today I regularly use a skateboard to commute to most places I go. If it’s not on the board then it’s on my feet, I loathe driving and have come to a place in my life where commuting by my own power brings me both reward and self-satisfaction. It was my high school coach that helped to spark my running career, which was temporarily lost in my life after a skiing accident put me on the couch and in a state of depression. I forgot how good exercise made me feel and replaced those endorphins with poor eating habits leading me to weigh over 300lbs! At that time a blessing in disguise came along in the form of MMA and Jiu Jitsu. This is where I started training and competing competitively. In that time, I worked as a cook and breakfast chef for a handful of amazing restaurants here in Spokane which is how I learned to prepare healthy food that also tastes amazing. As I studied nutrition and kept up my exercise routine, I was able to create a program that would allow me to lose over 100lbs. After spending a handful of years training and enjoying that portion of life, I found my roots in running again which has taken me on my most recent adventure in the world of Obstacle Course Racing. I am currently training for these races right now and train one of the top ranked Elite Spartan racers. I believe that everyone can be in great shape and deserves to be healthy. My experience has taught me what it is like to forget that and how to remember it again. This is the reason I found coaching, my goal is to help you remember why you are worth it.


Extreme Weight Loss
Running and Obstacle Course Racing

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