Dubravka Martincic

Yoga Instructor

My interest in yoga began when I was a teenager. Diagnosed with scoliosis and kyphosis of the spine, I was always striving to strengthen my back muscles and improve my posture. I found out that yoga helped me achieve that goal better than any other physical activity. It not only improved my strength and flexibility, but also increased my body and breath awareness.

After moving to Spokane in 2006, I started practicing under the guidance of Alison Rubin. The precision of her instruction and the thoughtful structure of her classes, incited me to deepen my yoga practice so that I can “take” it with me anywhere I go. I completed RYT Teacher Training in 2010, under the guidance of Katie Cooley (Ashtanga Yoga), Alison Rubin and Judy Sugg (Iyengar based-) and Karen Sprute-Francovich (Anusara Yoga). Training under the guidance of teachers with different approaches to yoga was very valuable. Today, I practice and teach Iyengar-based and Vinyasa Flow yoga. Being registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200, I continue to take workshops with excellent instructors. I also take classes with Kurt Salquist at CoreFit, and play tennis.


Pike Position HSPU (0”-5” Deficit)
Band Assisted bar Muscle-ups
Hollow Rocks

I feel fortunate for the opportunity to practice and teach yoga. I hope to share it with others so they can develop the same awareness of the body and breath, leaving them feeling balanced and energized both, physically and emotionally.


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