The Ultimate Fitness Run

Run, Lift, Climb, Overcome!

The CoreFit Ultimate Fitness Run is a race for everyone. Break up the running by throwing in obstacles requiring both grit and strength and you will find yourself completing your most exciting race yet. Start and finish the race as a fun adventure knowing you will get through the course completing our obstacles or take on the alternatives offered. Those in it to win it can sign up in our competitive division where you will be held to the standards as you find out where your fitness levels stand as the Ultimate Fitness Athlete demonstrating both endurance and strength.    

The Ultimate Fitness Race was as real as it gets! I will definitely be signing up for the next one!

Jessica Dingwall - Racer

I finished fourth in the world last year at the Spartan Race World Championships and I can tell you I love having the UFR here in spokane. This is a great race for anyone wanting to hone their obstacle racing skills or find out what OCR is all about. I would definitely recommend the UFR!

Spartan Pro Alyssa Hawley

3-5 Miles +15-20 obstacles

A good way to get your feet wet and still feel the challenge.

7-10 Miles +20-25 obstacels

If you want to test what you're made of, sign up for the long haul.