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Therese Martinez

CoreFit Member Highlight: Yvonne Lewis

Occupation:  I am an Auditor of the Wealth Management and Trust Department for Washington Trust Bank

From: Spokane, born and raised.

When did you start coming to CoreFit? September 2014

Why did you start coming to CoreFit?  Kurt gave a presentation during one of our Wellness lunches that the bank sponsors and he offered us a special to check CoreFit out, which happened to be during a transition time in my life when I was finally in a place to start making myself and my health and wellness a priority.

Who is your greatest fitspiration and why?  I don’t really know that there is any one individual that is my greatest “fitspiration.”  I think it is all the people at CoreFit and in my life in general that fight every day to be a better version of themselves.  We all have goals and challenges that we have to overcome, for some it is hour by hour or day by day and for others the struggle is easier, but seeing everyone continue to try their best every day, regardless of setbacks and obstacles and winning the “battle of the excuses,” regardless of how legitimate they are, that is inspiring to me.

What is your next fitness goal?  I have many fitness goals, but my primary one is to deal with and fully recover from the various injuries that have continued to plague me over this past year and get back to having my “norm” be workouts without modifications.

Favorite workout song?  That is a tough one.  I love hip hop and rap.  The beat just gives me that added motivation to push a little harder.  One of my favorite songs that come to mind is X Ambassadors “Jungle.”

When you are in the heat of the workout and feel like quitting, you think…”Just don’t stop moving, take one more step, get one more rep, push for one more second just don’t give up.” I’m not going to lie, it is REALLY hard sometimes.  It’s all about continuing in that one moment and then I deal with the next moment as it comes.

What has been your biggest accomplishment at CoreFit so far?  In terms of a moment in time accomplishment, I would say that completing my first Spartan Race last year was definitely that moment.  But honestly I truly believe that my biggest accomplishment is that after two and a half years, I am still coming to CoreFit and it is part of my daily routine, just like getting up to go to work each day.

What is your biggest dietary weakness? Delicious food, lol!  But in all seriousness, I would say that carbs are my struggle, specifically really good chocolate and delicious desserts along with anything pasta or pizza related.

Favorite part about CoreFit?  I think that it would have to be the people, both trainers and other members.  We all come from different backgrounds with different personalities, experiences, challenges and struggles, but when we walk through that door we all have the same goal – to improve our quality of life.  And no matter your fitness level, everyone is there to support each other and help to push each other a little bit further than you would maybe otherwise push yourself.  No one judges and everyone is proud of every accomplishment that is made whether you are the strongest, the weakest, the fastest or the slowest, we truly are each other’s greatest cheerleaders.  It is a very supportive and welcoming community that has been built by Kurt and every member there.

If you could sit down to lunch with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would you choose to have lunch with and why?  Definitely my dad.  He passed away when I was 9 and he spent most of those years being sick and hospitalized, so it would be great to be able to just be able to sit in a normal environment and talk about life, his experiences, my experiences and catch up.  Just one of those conversations that we have every day with people that we don’t appreciate until you don’t have the opportunity to have them anymore.

How has coming to CoreFit influenced the rest of your life? Unlike other times in my life when I started an exercise routine of some sort and ran into a bump in the road, whether that be injuries, work, life events, whatever it was, I would eventually give up on the exercise routine.   Now, regardless of being sick, injured, busy, out of town for work, vacations, etc. there is never a thought of not getting back to working out as soon as I can whether that be in a hotel somewhere or back at CoreFit.  It has made me realize the importance of making myself and the things that are good for me a priority no matter what else is going on.  There are always excuses for everything, many of which may be legitimate, but at the end of the day I realize that if it is truly important, it’s not about having the time, it’s about making the time.

What is a motto or saying that you live your life by?  Basically it boils down to any variation of “if you don’t try, you’ll never know” or “if you don’t ask, you won’t get.”

What are your main hobbies outside of CoreFit?  I don’t have a lot of free time, however I love spending any time I have with friends and family, playing with my dogs, reading, listening to music and spending as much time as possible by a body of water when it is warm enough.

Favorite workout/exercise? Least favorite?  My favorite workout is the 12 days of Christmas but I love having the element of competition in any workout.  My favorite thing to do is boxing, but I also like bench, rowing and ab work.  My least favorite is definitely the Airdyne, running and plate pushes.

If you could have all the money in the world, how would you spend your days?  I would spend my days working with animals and children, helping those that maybe can’t help themselves (with a CoreFit workout at some point during the day of course!).

Favorite Restaurant?  That is a tough one, there are so many good restaurants, but deep down, anything Italian is at the top of my list.  Two of my favorites are Europa and Tomato Street.

 What has been your top memory at CoreFit to date?  There are so many good memories that it really is impossible to pick just one.  I love watching friends accomplish things they never thought they could; anytime I make a new PR; and that shared feeling of walking through the door, taking a look at the workout for the day and looking at the person next to you and knowing that you are both thinking “ugh, I can’t do that” or “maybe I shouldn’t have come today,” then smiling at each other and lining up to start the warmup to get it done anyway with high fives and congratulations on another great and tough workout finished at the end of class.

Therese Martinez, MS, RD, CPT

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