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Therese Martinez

CoreFit Member Highlight: Allison Rubino

Occupation:  Accountant at a bank

From: Spokane

When did you start coming to CoreFit? September 2014

Why did you start coming to CoreFit?  I had been looking for some type of group fitness that would not only challenge me, but offer a variety of workouts that weren’t the same movements over and over again.  There was a special discount offered at my work to try out Corefit for a six week period.  About 6 of my immediate co-workers and I gave it a try on our lunch hour and it did not disappoint.  I was exhausted and sore in places that I had never felt soreness before, but I loved it!  I knew it was the place I had been looking for to keep me motivated to start working out on a regular basis.

Who is your greatest fitspiration and why?  I don’t really have just one person that is my greatest fitspiration.  I feel like all of the members at Corefit are inspiring.  They each have their own stories, struggles and things that motivate them, but they take the time to encourage and support me and others inside and outside of the gym.  It’s really a unique sense of community and support that I have never experienced at any other gym.

What is your next fitness goal? My next fitness goal is trying to maintain what I consider my “happy size”.  I have struggled with my weight my entire life and I’d really like to find a way to stop the “yo-yo” effect not only on the scale but in how my clothes fit.  I think fitness not only includes moving your body but it’s also what you eat.  Unfortunately, the phrase “you can’t outrun a bad diet” is very true, especially as we get older.  I would love to find the right balance of food and exercise that gets me to my goal size (not just a number on the scale), and keeps me there.

Favorite workout song? Pretty much any song by AC/DC.

When you are in the heat of the workout and feel like quitting, you think…  “You can’t quit now-you have to finish what you started and there are members at the gym older than you that can do this!”

What has been your biggest accomplishment at CoreFit so far?  Completing a Spartan Race last year was pretty awesome but the one single thing that I feel like is my biggest accomplishment was climbing the rope for the first time.  Growing up, I never had enough upper body strength to even do a pullup let alone climb 10 feet up a rope that was hanging from the ceiling.  It took me about 6 months of getting the technique down, increasing my grip strength and overcoming my fear of heights.  Once I finally did it, I had an adrenaline rush like no other and I gained confidence that I could do whatever I put my mind to.

What is your biggest dietary weakness?   Diet Dr. Pepper –I know it’s horrible for you but it’s so addicting.  I’ve gotten better about avoiding it but occasionally I get a craving and just have to have it.

Favorite part about CoreFit?  The variety of the workouts.  I never get bored.

How has coming to CoreFit influenced the rest of your life?  Corefit has transformed me into a different but better person.  I used to be unhealthy, unhappy, and insecure.  Since joining Corefit, I have gained confidence in myself that has carried over into my personal and professional life.

What is a motto or saying that you live your life by?  Life is short.  Live in the moment.  Enjoy it while you can.

What are your main hobbies outside of CoreFit?  Spending time with my boys is my main hobby.  When I have a rare free moment, I like to listen to vinyl records and color with gel pens.

Favorite workout/exercise? Least favorite?  I absolutely love the boxing workouts we do.  It’s so fun to put on the gloves and take out your frustrations on the bag.  Least favorite-BURPEES!  And running.

Favorite Restaurant?  These days it’s Method.  I can get food that is gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free that actually tastes good.

What has been your top memory at CoreFit to date?  I would have to say crossing the finish line of my first Spartan Race last August.  It was one of the scariest and toughest things I had ever done, but by far, one of the most rewarding.  I was so happy and thankful to have completed it with a wonderful group of Corefit members that encouraged me to keep going despite having their own struggles.

Therese Martinez, MS, RD, CPT