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Therese Martinez

CoreFit Member Highlight: Monica Livingston

Occupation:  Union Organizer -Blair is NOT my boss.
From:  Spokane – I have lived here all my life.  I wanted to move away so bad when I was in my teens and now in my 40’s, I really have grown to love this city.
When did you start coming to CoreFit? May of 2016.
Why did you start coming to CoreFit? Blair kept talking about his gym all the time at work and the summer slim down was starting. He encouraged Sabrina and I to check it out.  Honestly, I didn’t have a whole hell of a lot to lose – I was getting bored with my main gym and I could see myself getting bored at OrangeTheory.  Sabrina and I went to our first class and we were hooked.  We even showed up for the Murph right after we started… I look back on doing that Murph the first time and saying to myself “What were we thinking?”
Who is your greatest fitspiration and why? I am inspired by different people for different things.  Cindy – for her tenacity, Tanis and Diane Eve – because I am always chasing them,  Jennifer Staker – I admire this woman!  We started about the same time and I have watched her grow exponentially!  I’ve given up trying to keep up with her.
What is your next fitness goal? – Participating in the Hunger Games and the Moxie Games –  My long term goal is to hike to Manchu Picchu for my 50th – thats four years away.
Favorite workout song?  Sabotage  by the Beastie Boys – I love a good bass hook
When you are in the heat of the workout and feel like quitting, you think…  OMG only 5 more (minutes, reps..) OMG only 4 more …. OMG I am not dead yet …. OMG only three more
What has been your biggest accomplishment at CoreFit so far? Not having to use the  box when I squat — but really, losing over 20 pounds in a year and over 20 inches since I started.  That accomplishment is really is a testament to Kurt’s programming and nutritional advice from Therese.  I was going to Golds Gym doing boot camp classes and lifting weights on the regular for years and I never saw the results I have seen with Corefit.
 What is your biggest dietary weakness? Donuts.  They are my kryptonite – I think my record is 8 in one setting – that was a long time ago though.
Favorite part about CoreFit?  The community is my number one favorite thing. I love the camaraderie  of the people I work out with.  I love that I learn about their families, their jobs, what they are training for next.  We are friends in the gym and outside.  We have this shared experience of struggle and accomplishment that makes us gel as a group.  It’s the main reason why I get up at a ridiculous hour every day to go to the gym.
If you could sit down to lunch with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would you choose to have lunch with and why? Frida Kahlo DUH! She is only tattooed on my arm, but for those of you not familiar with she was a Mexican painter in the 1930-40’s who was far ahead of her time.  She was an artist, communist, feminist, bi-sexual revolutionary who dealt with love, loss and pain on canvas. I would want to sit with her and drink shots of tequila and talk about art and her life – its so friggen interesting!
How has coming to CoreFit influenced the rest of your life?  I am more active now than I have ever been.  Biking and running outside of the gym.  I am doing things now that I would have never thought I would do – fitness competitions and a Spartan Race.  Its changed my thinking on fitness and health.  As I get older, I want to continue to be as active as possible so I can enjoy my life and continue to do the things that I want to do.
What is a motto or saying that you live your life by? I don’t have one – I just live.  I try not to overthink too much (even though I do)  I try to not let my fears hold me back too much.
What are your main hobbies outside of CoreFit?  Spending time with my friends and family, that means a lot of eating and drinking (but don’t think that’s a hobby)
Favorite workout/exercise? Least favorite?  Cleans are my favorite – I am not that great at them but I like the challenge of the movement.  Gator drags are my least favorite, every time I see them on the white board I want to turn around and walk out.  Nothing makes me more mad than scooting that plate across the floor and Kurt yelling at me to keep my legs straight.
 If you could have all the money in the world, how I would you spend your days? Travel- this is a no brainer.  There is so much of this planet to see and so many cultures to experience, I want to see them all.  Honestly, I would spend most of my time traveling outside of the states.  Obviously Europe, Australia, Bora Bora, I want to travel Vietnam by scooter, Japan, mostly anywhere there is no snow.  I have no desire to go to places with snow.
 Favorite Restaurant? Right now I have been going to Remedy a lot – they have the best spaghetti squash ever.

Favorite Drink right now? (thanks for asking)  A good Rose’ “Its not your grandma’s drink anymore”

What has been your top memory at CoreFit to date? there are a couple.  One PR’ing my deadlift.  I was sloppy as hell but that feeling was the best.  Two When Sabrina and I went to our first Wednesday workout and it was like a Spartan OC.  I also think one of the options was to fireman’s carry someone.  We left thinking THAT WAS BANANAS and OMG what did we get ourselves into.  Looking back on it now, its like a typical Wednesday.
Therese Martinez, MS, RD, CPT

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