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Therese Martinez

CoreFit Member Highlight: Cybil Spaulding

Occupation: New job as an Epic HB Resolute Billing Analyst at Providence Health & Services
From:  Well… Started at Sacred Heart/Providence Fall of 1994… new job starts 11/27/17
When did you start coming to CoreFit? Spring 2016
Why did you start coming to CoreFit? Originally started with the Summer Slim Down after attending the Providence Health and Fitness experience at the convention center
Who is your greatest fitspiration and why? Have 2 – 1) Cindi John – she is so inspirational, positive,  and has such dedication to fitness, plus when partnered with her, she pushes me to get of my comfort zone and take it to the next level! 2) Naomi Blackerby – she is a fellow group instructor that teaches around 10 classes a week, has a job, and also gets her own personal work outs in, her dedication to fitness and nutrition is like no other.  Plus they both have proven to me that no matter what your fitness level or age, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  
What is your next fitness goal? Improve my running…anyone that has worked out with me, knows running is not a strength of mine
Favorite workout song? No one song – mostly 90’s R&B, or anything from the 80’s or 90’s, or early 2000’s
When you are in the heat of the workout and feel like quitting, you think…That my body won’t go where my mind doesn’t push it.  Mind over matter. I am stronger than the person I was yesterday, and I CAN and WILL do this!
What has been your biggest accomplishment at CoreFit so far? Completing my first UFR
What is your biggest dietary weakness? Chocolate and wine. And Qdoba chicken nachos.
Favorite part about CoreFit? The sense of community and positive reinforcement, no matter what your level or where you are in your own journey.  And the trainers attention to detail and making sure form is correct, and all of their encouragement and positive reinforcement.  Plus, they get to know each member personally and what their strengths, weaknesses, and limits are.
If you could sit down to lunch with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would you choose to have lunch with and why? Will Smith – he’s my all time favorite actor and I admire everything about him.
How has coming to CoreFit influenced the rest of your life? I am stronger physically than I know, and can do anything I set my mind to.
What is a motto or saying that you live your life by? Baby steps – small steps equal big results…Everything happens for a reason
 What are your main hobbies outside of CoreFit?  Spending time with family and friends, teaching/taking yoga, hiking with hubby and dogs, reading, meditation, personal development.
Favorite workout/exercise? Least favorite?  Favorite = Squats, boxing, wall balls.  Least favorite = running, and crab walks.
If you could have all the money in the world, how would you spend your days?  Hiring out to have our house remolded so that husband wouldn’t have to.  College for daughter. Retire husband and myself. And work on becoming the best version of myself with exercise, nutrition, yoga. And spending time with my close family and friends.   
Favorite Restaurant? Picabu Bistro… and The Wave Island Sports Grill and Sushi Bar
What has been your top memory at CoreFit to date? Too many to name… honestly, every time I come it is the best memory…   
Therese Martinez, MS, RD, CPT

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