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Therese Martinez

CoreFit Member Highlight: Rachael Crooks 


Occupation: Dean of Students
From: Bridgeport, WA..population 1500. no stop lights, no fast food just a few restaurants, a taco wagon, a bar, 2 stores, 3 schools (elementary, middle and High school) a lot of apple orchards and wheat fields.

When did you start coming to CoreFit? July of 2015

Why did you start coming to CoreFit? Ezra dragged me to a class because I wanted to step up my work our regimen.16265841_10210210168987933_3522633693996736883_n

Who is your greatest fitspiration and why? I don’t know if I have just one person that is my fitspiration, there are a variety of people that are part of our Corefit family that inspire me for different reasons.  Darrin for always being supportive and inspiring.  Jessica D. for always putting the finishing touches on events and being the person getting it done.  Diane G. for being a kick ass lady and smiling through all of it.  Kasey for always being willing to help others out and be supportive.  Therese. for kicking butt and taking names while fighting diabetes.  Cindi for always being a cheerleader.  Mike and Diane for always giving their all.  The list goes on and on. But if I had to really pick just one or two it would be Darrin and Jessica.  They bring a different level of awesomeness to the gym that can be felt as soon as they walk in the room.


What is your next fitness goal? Placing in the top 3 for my age group for the Negative Split race. And finishing in the top 10 for my age group for at least one Spartan race this year.

Favorite workout song? Old “heavy metal” Pantera, Metallica or just that heavy guitar riffs.

When you are in the heat of the workout and feel like quitting, you think… of the death crawl scene from the movie facing the giants…if you believe you can do it then you can…in this portion of the movie the football calls out one of the lineman to carry another player on his back while he bear crawls down the field blindfolded.  At first the player only thinks he can make it a little ways with the player on his back but by the time he is done he has bear crawled the entire length of the football field.

What has been your biggest accomplishment at CoreFit so far? Climbing the rope

What is your biggest dietary weakness? Beer and chips

Favorite part about CoreFit? the family that has been created and the positive vibes that are there.13769446_10153751501616658_7910538615520435003_n

If you could sit down to lunch with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would you choose to have lunch with and why? Dalai Lama, because I want to just be in his presence so that I feel his calmness in hopes that I can recreate that feeling everyday after that.  Also, I want to just hang out with him because he is so cool.

How has coming to CoreFit influenced the rest of your life? The importance to being active and using proper technique, but more importantly the unsaid message of being and treating everyone with kindness/love.

What is a motto or saying that you live your life by? Today is a new day and you can be better then you were yesterday but more importantly you can help others be better then they were yesterday, too.

15727258_10154910277273417_864169272571348622_nWhat are your main hobbies outside of CoreFit?  Cooking, running, skiing, camping, momming, playing games, reading, watching sports, hanging with family and friends.

Favorite workout/exercise? Least favorite? I truly enjoy push plates and rowing. I actually really like the air dyne and learning to enjoy WB again. I truly do not enjoy burpees and frog hops.

If you could have all the money in the world, how would you spend your days? I would start a non-profit school that was open to all students but focused on providing instruction that was hands-on and supported the development of the whole child.  I would also open several non-profit adult-group homes for individuals with specials needs that provide them a loving home with services that supported their independence, an active/healthy life style,  and happiness.

Favorite Restaurant?
  Tomato Street or local Mexican Restaurant

What has been your top memory at CoreFit to date? Montana Spartan Race last year was awesome!!  The support we gave each other, mine and Ez’s first Spartan race, and the time spent with everyone.



Therese Martinez, MS, RD, CPT

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