Kurt Salquist

I’ll be the first to admit choosing the healthy option is not always easy. Life is saturated with obstacles, advertisements, and bad influences that will tempt every one of us on a daily basis. Picking up fast food on your way home and sitting in front of the TV to catch up on the DVR seems like the more common choice today because it’s convenient and it’s what everyone else does so it makes you normal. Today, 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, by 2050 1 in 3 will be dependent on using medication to stay alive due to diabetes – this is what normal has become. My goal through this blog, as an extension of what our gym practices, is to help my readers become far from being normal, we will choose the road less traveled and use our bodies as they designed to be used, we will free our minds from the everyday stresses of life through our practices.  I will share my personal struggles on this road as well as the hundreds I have encountered through my profession as a professional fitness coach.  I will also share a great deal of my experience raising a family in a time where most kids wake up to eat a bowl of enriched white flour coated in a glaze of sugar with marshmallows sprinkled in. Next they will sit in a car or bus as they head to school, walk a short distance to their classroom, and sit for the majority of the next 6 hours. Then they will come home to sit on the couch for several more where they will become zombies while playing video games. This blog will be about changing what has become normal for our kids by being a positive influence, it is about training in gym, it is about training our minds, it is about training our eating habits, and most importantly it is about training ourselves to live life to the fitness.

Enjoy and Live Life,

Kurt Salquist

Therese Martinez, MS, RD, CPT

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