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CoreFit is more than just a gym. Our programs help our members find vitality utilizing an approach to diet and exercise that also accommodates lifestyle. This allows for realistic changes that lead to lifelong benefits. Training in our gym balances strength, mobility, and endurance to improve quality of life that does not stop at our doors. The best part of CoreFit is the application of our fitness, with group hiking trips, team triathlon training, obstacle course races, and any other adventures we want to do because we know we are capable. Our Spokane Personal Trainer will help you transform into the body you’ve only dreamed of. Come visit our Gym Today.

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Success Stories

pMike and I started working with Kurt in January 2014. We had already begun our journey to losing weight and getting healthy but we still needed some guidance. We were planning on competing in our first Spartan Race in August of 2014 and needed to get fit and gain some muscle. Over the course of the year we attended classes 3-4 times per week and challenged not only our bodies but our minds with Kurt’s help and guidance. By the time August rolled around we felt prepared for our first Spartan Race and we were. We hurled ourselves over walls, climbed ropes, scaled cargo nets, and crawled 300’ uphill under barbed wire during out 4.75 mile and 25 obstacle race. Our training got us where we needed to be for our first race and even helped us to be prepared for the burpee penalties when needed. We enjoy the challenges Kurt asks us to face and we enjoy seeing our improvements, both physically and mentally. Kurt pushes us when we need it, encourages us when we make gains, and is always supportive! He is a fantastic trainer and we feel blessed to have to opportunity to work with him and learn from him.

Mike and Chelsea

CoreFit Boot CampsThis was an actual email sent towards the end of one of our challenges: "I just wanted to say thank you for offering these awesome classes. I was having some health issues and had my bloodwork re-tested last week, in 5 weeks all of my numbers have lowered significantly and my doctors are thrilled. I attribute it to the working out and diet change. This class has helped so much obviously with my health but with my mental state as well. I feel so good after I attend class and you’ve made me feel empowered to work through the workout. So thank you. See you Monday,


rWe are all body builders and I decided I was not happy with the body I had built over nearly 50 years of mild neglect. I needed help making some changes. The short story, in the physical sense, is that in my time with Kurt, I have lost pounds of body fat percentages and increased muscle mass through the tangible work with weights and boot camps. The greater story is that the intangibles, lifestyle and nutritional changes, increased physical and mental stamina, are the areas in which Kurt really shines. He runs a client-led practice and is a tremendous force for nutritional knowledge, biomechanics, all ready when the client is and like all great guides, he accomplishes this with smarts, patience and good humor. I am very grateful to have Kurt on my team. I just signed up for my first Spartan race!


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Break up the running by throwing in obstacles requiring both grit and strength and you will find yourself completing your most exciting race yet.
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