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CoreFit is more than just a gym. Our programs help our members find vitality utilizing an approach to diet and exercise that also accommodates lifestyle. This allows for realistic changes that lead to lifelong benefits. Training in our gym balances strength, mobility, and endurance to improve quality of life that does not stop at our doors. The best part of CoreFit is the application of our fitness, with group hiking trips, team triathlon training, obstacle course races, and any other adventures we want to do because we know we are capable. Our Spokane Personal Trainer will help you transform into the body you’ve only dreamed of. Come visit our Gym Today.

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Success Stories

cI had tried for a couple of years to lose the weight I had gained by not eating right or working out, but just could not do it. My blood pressure was so high I was having headaches daily and my doctor wanted to put me on several medications. I started working out with Kurt and lost 15% body fat and more than 20 pounds of fat! I am in the best shape of my life and do not have to take medication. I have Kurt to thank for that. It's amazing how when you do what your trainer tells you to do, the pounds fall off. I would definitely recommend working out with Kurt to meet your fitness and health needs!


1d9469e058fe54c39a9e6df3e7592403a6b094eac77707483774e64d8c5bddd0I spent most of my adult life feeling trapped inside an unhealthy body that I created through years of unhealthy choices. Over the years I would lose a few pounds but quickly gain them back along with a few more pounds. By the time I reached my mid forties I was at the proverbial crossroads of life asking myself do I continue as I am or do I find a healthier lifestyle that is a better refection of me? First order of business was to quit my high stress job in the education field and turn my attention to myself in order to fix what was broken. By the time I met Kurt at CoreFit Inc, I had lost a some weight but had stalled and was gaining the weight back, AGAIN. ! ! From the first meeting with Kurt I knew this was where I needed to be and he would be able to help me. With his cutting edge knowledge on health and nutrition, he pulled together an exercise and nutrition program that has dramatically improved my health far beyond the numbers on a scale. At one point, I lost 10 pounds of fat in one month. Not just ten pounds - ten pounds of FAT! With the loss of fat and an increase in lean mass, I have seen an increase in my metabolism. A feat I didn’t know was possible as I progressed into menopause. I am physically stronger today at almost 50 years old then I have ever been at any other time in my life. Including my years as a high school athlete! Kurt assessed my physical strengths and weaknesses and developed a program that allowed me to increase my strength, endurance, and flexibility. All equally important for achieving maximum benefit in everyday life whether that involves picking up kids, bags of dog food, or weights in the gym. He has a keen sense of how hard to push to allow me to break though self imposed limits and see that I have unlimited abilities to take on any challenge. When I decided to run a marathon, he put together a training schedule that incorporated strength training as well as running. As a result I not only successfully completed the marathon but did so without injury, became physically stronger, and gained more flexibility.! ! In my quest for a healthier life, I have learned many important lessons. One valuable lesson I’ve learned is that no amount of exercise can overcome poor nutrition. I’m not referring to the over indulgence we might have between Christmas and New Year's Day. I’m talking about the daily lack of nutrient dense food in the typical american diet between New Year's Day and Christmas. As a healthcare provider, I felt I had good basic knowledge of nutrition and I relied on professional organizations (the American Heart Association, American Dietetic Association, etc.) to help guide my decisions. I followed their advise assuming they based their statements on sound independent research. What I've learned through Kurt, is to questions those statements and in doing so I've discovered their statements are more politically based then they are research based. After examining some of the research, I'm finding that the way I view food is now in complete juxtaposition to what these professional organizations are touting as a healthy diet. Instead I’m following a more research based nutrition plan that has positively affected my running, strength training, and my wallet. I have more energy, clearer skin, and far less allergy issues! ! ! If I had to pick the most valuable lesson from this quest, it would be that there is nothing more important than my own health. I hear all the time that belonging to a gym or working with a trainer is expensive. Everything in life is expensive...homes, cars, school, clothes, healthcare...everything. For me, it's been about placing my health as my number one priority. I have a 30 year old furnace, drive a 12 year old car, and have many home improvements that need to be completed. Sure, I'd like to have immaculate flower beds, new furniture, or nicer clothes but a sacrifice has to be made to pay for life's expenses. For me, that sacrifice is NOT going to be to my health. I challenge any one to name one thing in your own life that is more important then your health. It's been two years since I first met Kurt and with his guidance at boot camp, I continue to develop my fitness and enjoy the camaraderie with everyone in the CoreFit family. There is no amount of thanks that I could give Kurt that would adequately express my gratitude for helping me find a better life!


6ad5aaaabf1293142d46266968ee8856f8a0ec05a8fd98481de2d5dfa12f5c5cTo those who wish to pursue their fitness goals, whatever they may be, Kurt Salquist is the man to go to. I have been training with him for three full years. I can honestly say that without his training programs, I would not be the athlete I am today. Like Emmit Smith said, “All men are created, some work harder in preseason.” Being a hockey player, my summers are spent every day in Kurt’s gym preparing for the long season ahead. Hockey is a sport that without the proper preparation, injuries often occur and seasons go to waste. Off-ice training is just as important as on-ice training nowadays because the pace of the game gets faster and faster each year. I have participated in many hockey camps and each time the coaches there tell me that I was the most prepared physically and mentally out of any group. Kurts training will test you physically and mentally to the point that you want to give up, but he’s always right there pushing you to finish. He’s the most passionate trainer, and is fully dedicated to seeing me succeed on and off the ice. Kurt will make sure that you meet your goals, and blow past them. He has made me more ambitious than I have ever been in my life. Don’t show up to a session with him without knowing that you are going to be better than yesterday. In high school I was the typical skinny kid that just couldn’t gain weight and couldn’t hold my own on the ice. I was barely 150 pounds. When I met Kurt I didn’t know what to expect. That first summer I spent with Kurt changed my life. I started to take hockey seriously and looked at it as a job. That summer I gained 15 pounds and had a new found confidence. I went into my senior year season for the Coeur D’ Alene Thunder knowing that I was working harder than any opponent I was facing. I reached my goals that season, carrying my team as a captain to the organizations first ever USA Hockey National Championships birth, and an offer to play back east the following season. The 2010 summer was another win for me because I continued to gain weight and became a better athlete than before. I went to Bridgton Academy the fall of 2010 and went through the toughest preseason team workouts I have ever had. But I was ready. I’m not a cocky person but I tore up the workouts. Throughout that year there, everyone knew that I was game-ready every day. That season I received the “Unsung Hero” team award as being “A person who quietly gives 100%” and I owe that to Kurt. This past year I spent playing Junior A for the Trenton Habs, something that I never thought I could do before I trained with Kurt. He spent that summer training me harder than I ever had before. I wrote out personal goals that I wanted to achieve that season, and each one of them I reached. I started every game, was a league all-star, and achieved the goal I set forth when I first started with Kurt, a college hockey offer. In these past three years, I have gained over 40 pounds of muscle and became a serious athlete. I cannot stress enough how crucial training with Kurt has been in my pursuit for success over the years. THANK YOU KURT


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