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CoreFit is more than just a gym. Our programs help our members find vitality utilizing an approach to diet and exercise that also accommodates lifestyle. This allows for realistic changes that lead to lifelong benefits. Training in our gym balances strength, mobility, and endurance to improve quality of life that does not stop at our doors. The best part of CoreFit is the application of our fitness, with group hiking trips, team triathlon training, obstacle course races, and any other adventures we want to do because we know we are capable. Our Spokane Personal Trainer will help you transform into the body you’ve only dreamed of. Come visit our Gym Today.

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Success Stories

I joined CoreFit in April of 2016. I had previously been going to a regular gym with standard cardio machines and static lifting machines and dumbbells. Which are great depending on what your goals are. But training for a Spartan Race requires you to get outside the box, outside your comfort zone, incorporate functional training, specific technique and actually getting outside. Insert CoreFIt. What initially hooked me about CoreFit was the actual Spartan obstacles to train on from walls, to spear, rope climb, z-wall, tires, herc hoist and monkey bars. I felt like I was a kid in a playground! And what kept me going there was the people. It is like a family there! Everyone is not only inviting and welcoming to any new comer but the encouragement during the workouts pushed me way harder than I would in an actual gym or by myself. And lastly the owner, Kurt, as well as the other trainers, are positive, encouraging, and patient in working with each individuals goals. Kurt specifically helped me work to a 4th place Spartan World Championship in my first year! This truly is the gym to go to in Spokane to not only train for a Spartan, but to train for life.

Alyssa HawleySpartan Pro

iI have been heavy my entire life and struggled with low self-esteem as long as I can remember. I was always the class clown in school to hide the fact that I was so uncomfortable in my skin. I started my weight lost journey in the summer of 2003 at 21 years old. I like to call that time in my life, my rock bottom. I weighed 250 lbs; this is the heaviest I had ever been. I wore a size 22 pants and a 1X top. In the summer of 2003, I was getting ready to move to Portland to start my junior year in college at Portland State University on a track scholarship, where I participated in the hammer throw and the discus throw. I have always been active and worked out routinely (ironic). I started my weight loss journey by joining weight watchers and within two weeks I had dropped 14 lbs. I was on top of the world and it was actually pretty easy. Over the next two to three years I had lost 47 lbs and had gained a lot of self-confidence; but I still weighed over 200 pounds. Following this success I started yo-yoing with weight watchers. I would gain and lose anywhere between 10-20 pounds. There was no stability because I wouldn’t stick to healthy eating habits. I would eat my daily points in one (big) meal and wondered why I could not lose any weight. So in 2007, I joined Jenny Craig. My first meeting with my consultant I weighed in at 215 pounds and within a year I got to my lowest ever 189 lbs. I was ecstatic! Unfortunately, it was not a true number b/c I would starve myself for a day before my weigh in and then weigh in at 7 am. As soon as my weigh in was completed I would go and stuff my face. In January 2008, I started training for a half marathon and this took my workout to a whole new level. My body changed right before my eyes, however, my weight was at a stand still. On a typical day I would weigh right around 200 pounds. In August 2009, I got engaged and I knew I had to go on a diet and lose weight. My goal weight was 175 pounds and not to have fat arms in my wedding dress! In October 2009, I was introduced to Kurt Salquist by a coworker. I began participating in boot camp and loved it from the start! The boot-camp class was everything I was looking for in a workout! I went to boot camp one day a week. Kurt worked with me on my nutrition and tracking my food. I began looking at everything I ate and was finally getting a good understanding of balance in my diet. In January 2010, I started attending boot-camp sessions two nights per week on top of 3 days of some other kind of training, usually cardio. I began to see results. I felt so good about myself and the way my body was transforming, I could see muscles that I knew were there but had never met them in face to face. When I started training with Kurt I could not do one “guy” pushup. Now I am able to do over 20 pushups. In January 2010, Kurt took my body fat and it was 33% and then again in July 2010, the day before my wedding and it was down 25%. I am so happy with my accomplishments. I did not reach my goal weight of 175 pounds by the time I got married, July 10, 2010, I did get close though, 185 pounds. I am happy with my success and continue to push towards my goal weight. After working with Kurt I truly believe that I will be ale to reach my goal weight as long as I stick to my food plan and exercise. I am only human and have faults, it may take me another year to reach my goal, which I am determined to do. Thanks to Kurt, I have been equipped with the tools to be successful and to keep the weight off and live a healthy life! Thank you Kurt for your hard work and dedication to getting people healthy!

Cassie Anderson

jThis has been a journey of Blood, Sweat and Tears. Blood – The Diabetes. Sweat – I mean sweat in the eyes that burns. Tears – Of Accomplishment, that you did it, and that you can do it!! The road to recovery started January 2010 when I went to the Doctor and they said it was insulin time. I am diabetic and I ignored the whole idea and didn’t take care of it to the point the next step was insulin. That was enough to scare me and there was no way I was going to do insulin. I said please give me time to turn this around and change my ways and get healthy. The Doctor cautiously approved and off to the races I went. Started out walking then power walking and I knew I needed more but didn’t know how to go to the next level. A friend and I went to volunteer at the Wunder Woman Triathlon in August 2010 at Medical Lake and what an experience to be a part of those fabulous women as they came across the finish line. I was hooked and wanted to be a part and accomplish that too. That is where I saw a friend from the old neighborhood and who would of thought that our paths would cross again in life. Cindi looked great and was so full of energy and I asked how she did it and she said you have to get yourself a personal trainer and that is how I got introduced to Kurt Salquist of Mobile Fitness. So September 15th 2010 was the beginning towards a new path in my journey. I went to one of Cindi’s workouts and was hooked. Kurt had his challenges with me as much as it was a challenge for me to workout. I had health issues being diabetic for one and being over weight. I had physical issues of lower back, left shoulder, and out of shape. That didn’t stop Kurt, he laid a diet plan out and an exercise plan and in the gym you knew he was on your side. The support physically of working out and being pushed to your limits to the mental support he gave you and saying “You can do this, I know you can. You have it in you.” belinda_running.jpgSo, needless to say as of April 1st 2011 I am off of all medications: diabetic, blood pressure, stomach acid pills and I reached my goal weight. I have never felt so good to be able to bicycle, swim, and run. This highway has had it’s potholes and construction going on but when you have a Personal Trainer like Kurt and a husband who supports you all the way you can accomplish anything. Really what it’s all about is YOU. This is your journey and only you can make it happen. You are in the driver seat and You are in control and I also know that YOU can reach your goals too!!! I’m still in training with Kurt and I have set new goals now. When you finally realize that you can do it the road becomes a journey full of endless rewards. Not only has Belinda conquered diabetes but she has also completed each one of these races as she battles on: Jingle Bell Spokane, Heart Breaker Portland, Shamrock Run, Race for the Cure, Bloomsday, and Wunder Woman Triathlon. Way to go Super B!


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