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CoreFit is more than just a gym. Our programs help our members find vitality utilizing an approach to diet and exercise that also accommodates lifestyle. This allows for realistic changes that lead to lifelong benefits. Training in our gym balances strength, mobility, and endurance to improve quality of life that does not stop at our doors. The best part of CoreFit is the application of our fitness, with group hiking trips, team triathlon training, obstacle course races, and any other adventures we want to do because we know we are capable. Our Spokane Personal Trainer will help you transform into the body you’ve only dreamed of. Come visit our Gym Today.

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Success Stories

jThis has been a journey of Blood, Sweat and Tears. Blood – The Diabetes. Sweat – I mean sweat in the eyes that burns. Tears – Of Accomplishment, that you did it, and that you can do it!! The road to recovery started January 2010 when I went to the Doctor and they said it was insulin time. I am diabetic and I ignored the whole idea and didn’t take care of it to the point the next step was insulin. That was enough to scare me and there was no way I was going to do insulin. I said please give me time to turn this around and change my ways and get healthy. The Doctor cautiously approved and off to the races I went. Started out walking then power walking and I knew I needed more but didn’t know how to go to the next level. A friend and I went to volunteer at the Wunder Woman Triathlon in August 2010 at Medical Lake and what an experience to be a part of those fabulous women as they came across the finish line. I was hooked and wanted to be a part and accomplish that too. That is where I saw a friend from the old neighborhood and who would of thought that our paths would cross again in life. Cindi looked great and was so full of energy and I asked how she did it and she said you have to get yourself a personal trainer and that is how I got introduced to Kurt Salquist of Mobile Fitness. So September 15th 2010 was the beginning towards a new path in my journey. I went to one of Cindi’s workouts and was hooked. Kurt had his challenges with me as much as it was a challenge for me to workout. I had health issues being diabetic for one and being over weight. I had physical issues of lower back, left shoulder, and out of shape. That didn’t stop Kurt, he laid a diet plan out and an exercise plan and in the gym you knew he was on your side. The support physically of working out and being pushed to your limits to the mental support he gave you and saying “You can do this, I know you can. You have it in you.” belinda_running.jpgSo, needless to say as of April 1st 2011 I am off of all medications: diabetic, blood pressure, stomach acid pills and I reached my goal weight. I have never felt so good to be able to bicycle, swim, and run. This highway has had it’s potholes and construction going on but when you have a Personal Trainer like Kurt and a husband who supports you all the way you can accomplish anything. Really what it’s all about is YOU. This is your journey and only you can make it happen. You are in the driver seat and You are in control and I also know that YOU can reach your goals too!!! I’m still in training with Kurt and I have set new goals now. When you finally realize that you can do it the road becomes a journey full of endless rewards. Not only has Belinda conquered diabetes but she has also completed each one of these races as she battles on: Jingle Bell Spokane, Heart Breaker Portland, Shamrock Run, Race for the Cure, Bloomsday, and Wunder Woman Triathlon. Way to go Super B!


kIt was January, 2011 and I ached all over -- my neck, legs, shoulders, and especially my back. I felt pain every time I got out of a chair or out of bed. I didn’t feel energetic about anything, not even my lifelong, low stress hobbies of sewing, shopping or even traveling. My memory was failing, too. Names, places, words would just escape me. January 2011 had come along and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to gather just enough courage to give it one more hurrah. A friend of mine had been seeing a trainer, Kurt Salquist, and she had finally beaten back her insulin needs and was no longer diabetic. I thought this would be it, one more attempt to lose the weight. The results I’ve experienced in only 7 months amaze me. My weight has gone from 161 to 139 pounds, I have lots of energy and have become a lot stronger. Not only did I gain some definition in my arms and legs, but all of my aches and pains went away. I can do push-ups (REAL push-ups!) boxing, deep squats, lift weights, and even run for the first time in my 64 years! I’ve gone from a size 16 to an 8. I’ve never worn an 8 before, except in shoes! My energy level is higher and it’s consistent all day long – I never feel those late afternoon ‘crashes’ anymore, even on the days of an intense workout. Now I have enough energy to work out with Kurt and then mow our acre-big lawn! It feels good to be tired from a hard workout, and I don’t feel spent. My memory and alertness have also improved and I feel more present in my everyday life. My goal is to complete the Wunder Woman Triathlon on August 21 in Medical Lake. Kurt has me doing things I never dreamed I could do, such as swimming laps, bicycling, and running in intervals. But my biggest surprise has been that the more I do, the easier it is to do it. For example, on my 15-lap swim, the first 5-6 laps were scary, agonizing, exhausting, and doubtful. The middle five were just to get them done, but the last five were strong and relaxed, with a slower heartbeat, and my best times! He makes me think I can do this. My only regret is that I waited so long to get started. I think everyone should work out with Kurt. He has a specific plan for each person and he has the uncanny ability to know just what is needed each day for each person. molly-bike2.jpg Kurt is the smartest, toughest, most serious, and considerate trainer you will ever find. He has changed my life and I’m sure he can change yours. Do not wait as long as I did! Thank you, Kurt. -- Molly Destefano I'm proud to say Molly has finished her first ever Triathlon, Wunder Women 2011 since this testimonial was written!


oFive years ago I was 48 years old and weighed 200 pounds. I hated the way I looked and felt about myself. But, with encouragement from my friends and family I finally decided to do something about it. I changed my eating habits and that was just the beginning. After 15 months I had lost 75 pounds and never back!! I was ready to take the next step... That's when Kurt Salquist and Corefit came into my life.If I was going to truly live a healthier life style, I knew I was going to have work hard for it...and that I did. I began to train with Kurt twice a week Now after over a year, I'm a stronger, fitter and much happier woman than I was before I started training with Kurt. He's given me the self esteem and confidence in myself that I haven't felt for many many years and for that I'm eternally grateful. The one thing that impresses me the most about Kurt is his passion for his work. His knowledge in fitness, nutrition and training inspires me to work just as hard today at my workouts as I did when I first started those many months ago... Thank you Kurt for some really great boot camp classes. I've loved every minute of it !! Well, most of it anyway. Plate pushes I could live without!


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