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Not just another post about goals…..

A huge part of setting goals and resolutions is understanding the balance between what is “enough” and what means being potentially complacent, and also learn how to forgive yourself while remaining motivated…Easy stuff, right?

For example, better blood sugars and eating for those better blood sugars is one of my NY resolutions. I went to the CoreFit Holiday party and had A BLAST. Honestly my blood sugars weren’t even that bad on Saturday…but Sunday they were kind of wacky. Likely due to Saturday evening. Frustrated with myself for not being more diligent about tracking carbohydrates with foods I ate (or wine I drank..), I had to remember the great things that came out of tasting the new, fun dishes people made, my socially relaxed demeanor, and forgive myself for missing some details. The battle between forgiving “too much” (leading to more habits of “missing details” and being okay with it..) and being too diligent (obsessive, less able to enjoy myself, etc) is TOUGH. This goes for a lot of different areas of life, but I see it A LOT in the gym, and with diet.

So, how do you balance? You have heard me talk about DBT… Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. This conundrum is a dialectic. Being able to say “I am doing my best, and I can do better”. How does that even make sense? Well, it does. And in my opinion, is hugely important in making strides towards goals because it allows you to forgive yourself, while pushing yourself. It doesn’t answer whats enough, thats for you to do. But I encourage you to think about your goals like this as you move forward. I know we are only a few weeks in, but these are a couple tough weeks for people. How is everyone doing? Have you been following your resolutions? If you weren’t formal in making resolutions, how can you apply this to your everyday life? How hard are you on yourself?

The other day I was venting a little to Lionel about the “enough” factor. I struggle A LOT with feeling like I’m doing enough…physically, professionally, etc. and he just asked me “What did you accomplish today that will help you in life and in your future?” and at first I was like …oh $h*t.. have I done ANYTHING?!?! Oh yeah… wait, I have. I started reflecting and listing some things off. Maybe not big things, but steps. Its all about the steps. My point being, I didn’t recognize I was doing ANYTHING for my future/myself until he asked me and had me think about it. What about you? Have you given yourself some credit? Keep on keeping on CoreFitters, you all are doing great! And even better if you made it to the end of this post! 🙂

Feel free to post on how you’re doing with your goals!

Therese Martinez, MS, RD, CPT

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