New Year, New YOU

Kurt Salquist

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Happy New Years!

I hope you are looking forward to the opportunities that will present themselves over the course of the next year. Many will be small and will contribute to the memories that make for an epic day that can grow into a fantastic week, month or even another amazing year. But never overlook the actions that can lead to life changing results. Sometimes they will be spur of the moment decisions, but more often these opportunities evolve over time and require a certain amount of fortitude to take advantage of them. Nothing great ever comes easy, as it’s the journey to get there that prepares us for the results.

One way you can help create your own destiny is by creating a plan. A plan should outline a path to your goal and include tests along the way to ensure you are doing what it takes to prepare yourself to achieve the final product. Both in the beginning and in the end, no matter what your goals are, realize you are training the mind. Honing in your focus to find the mindset one needs to be at in order to reach the finish line. Whether your goal is physical and you need to find the focus to dedicate your time, energy and body to the mission, or it’s emotional, financial, or anything – you have to train your mind to endure the path and wander less and less until a particular level of awareness is achieved and you have reached the state of mind that is synonymous with your goal.

Achieving the mindset that we are after can start today by implementing a simple thought process that focuses on the goals and not the hang-ups that prevent us from ever starting. So starting now, think of what you want to achieve but this time, don’t consider the cost of the action, consider the cost of inaction. If you do this, you realize one of two things, the goal is not worth it and you reallocate your energy towards more productive tasks. Or, you see through the excuses and recognize the importance of your mission and start putting forth the focus and investment to achieve something that can truly be life changing.

The rest of your life starts now. Go.

Enjoy and live life,

Kurt Salquist

Therese Martinez, MS, RD, CPT

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