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How do we know our training is highly functional? We race Spartan!  CoreFit and its community  participates in Spartan Races all over the country. We have found these races and other obstacle course races like it, a perfect venue to test ourselves and remain focused on improving all aspects of our fitness. Everyday we work on ourselves while incorporating a wide variety of workouts that prepare us for the obstacles we all face together.  If you want to learn a style of training that will keep you motivated and conquer your first, or next obstacle race, CoreFit is your gym! Fill out the form on the right side of the page and get your race training plan and come try out a workout for Free. 

CoreFit is Spokane’s Premier Obstacle Course Training Gym.

  • Obstacles to train on and learn with
  • Strength training for OCR
  • Running plans
  • Injury prevention protocol
  • Host of the Ultimate Fitness Run

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Spartan Testimonials

I joined CoreFit in April of 2016. I had previously been going to a regular gym with standard cardio machines and static lifting machines and dumbbells. Which are great depending on what your goals are. But training for a Spartan Race requires you to get outside the box, outside your comfort zone, incorporate functional training, specific technique and actually getting outside. Insert CoreFIt. What initially hooked me about CoreFit was the actual Spartan obstacles to train on from walls, to spear, rope climb, z-wall, tires, herc hoist and monkey bars. I felt like I was a kid in a playground! And what kept me going there was the people. It is like a family there! Everyone is not only inviting and welcoming to any new comer but the encouragement during the workouts pushed me way harder than I would in an actual gym or by myself. And lastly the owner, Kurt, as well as the other trainers, are positive, encouraging, and patient in working with each individuals goals. Kurt specifically helped me work to a 4th place Spartan World Championship in my first year! This truly is the gym to go to in Spokane to not only train for a Spartan, but to train for life.

Alyssa HawleySpartan Pro

The Ultimate Fitness RUn

Break up the running by throwing in obstacles requiring both grit and strength and you will find yourself completing your most exciting race yet.
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