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I joined CoreFit in April of 2016. I had previously been going to a regular gym with standard cardio machines and static lifting machines and dumbbells. Which are great depending on what your goals are. But training for a Spartan Race requires you to get outside the box, outside your comfort zone, incorporate functional training, specific technique and actually getting outside. Insert CoreFIt. What initially hooked me about CoreFit was the actual Spartan obstacles to train on from walls, to spear, rope climb, z-wall, tires, herc hoist and monkey bars. I felt like I was a kid in a playground! And what kept me going there was the people. It is like a family there! Everyone is not only inviting and welcoming to any new comer but the encouragement during the workouts pushed me way harder than I would in an actual gym or by myself. And lastly the owner, Kurt, as well as the other trainers, are positive, encouraging, and patient in working with each individuals goals. Kurt specifically helped me work to a 4th place Spartan World Championship in my first year! This truly is the gym to go to in Spokane to not only train for a Spartan, but to train for life.

Alyssa HawleySpartan Pro

CoreFit Boot CampsThis was an actual email sent towards the end of one of our challenges: "I just wanted to say thank you for offering these awesome classes. I was having some health issues and had my bloodwork re-tested last week, in 5 weeks all of my numbers have lowered significantly and my doctors are thrilled. I attribute it to the working out and diet change. This class has helped so much obviously with my health but with my mental state as well. I feel so good after I attend class and you’ve made me feel empowered to work through the workout. So thank you. See you Monday,


rWe are all body builders and I decided I was not happy with the body I had built over nearly 50 years of mild neglect. I needed help making some changes. The short story, in the physical sense, is that in my time with Kurt, I have lost pounds of body fat percentages and increased muscle mass through the tangible work with weights and boot camps. The greater story is that the intangibles, lifestyle and nutritional changes, increased physical and mental stamina, are the areas in which Kurt really shines. He runs a client-led practice and is a tremendous force for nutritional knowledge, biomechanics, all ready when the client is and like all great guides, he accomplishes this with smarts, patience and good humor. I am very grateful to have Kurt on my team. I just signed up for my first Spartan race!


qFor as long as I can remember I have been overweight. I have always been active but never able to pull things together enough to loose weight and get healthy. Since I started working with Kurt I have lost over 40 pounds and 20% of my body fat. I could not have done it without the consistency, persistence, and education he provided. I have more energy, more self confidence and a whole new outlook on food and exercise. It has been a complete lifestyle change and thanks to him I now have the tools needed to continue to improve and not sink into my old bad habits!


pMike and I started working with Kurt in January 2014. We had already begun our journey to losing weight and getting healthy but we still needed some guidance. We were planning on competing in our first Spartan Race in August of 2014 and needed to get fit and gain some muscle. Over the course of the year we attended classes 3-4 times per week and challenged not only our bodies but our minds with Kurt’s help and guidance. By the time August rolled around we felt prepared for our first Spartan Race and we were. We hurled ourselves over walls, climbed ropes, scaled cargo nets, and crawled 300’ uphill under barbed wire during out 4.75 mile and 25 obstacle race. Our training got us where we needed to be for our first race and even helped us to be prepared for the burpee penalties when needed. We enjoy the challenges Kurt asks us to face and we enjoy seeing our improvements, both physically and mentally. Kurt pushes us when we need it, encourages us when we make gains, and is always supportive! He is a fantastic trainer and we feel blessed to have to opportunity to work with him and learn from him.

Mike and Chelsea

oFive years ago I was 48 years old and weighed 200 pounds. I hated the way I looked and felt about myself. But, with encouragement from my friends and family I finally decided to do something about it. I changed my eating habits and that was just the beginning. After 15 months I had lost 75 pounds and never back!! I was ready to take the next step... That's when Kurt Salquist and Corefit came into my life.If I was going to truly live a healthier life style, I knew I was going to have work hard for it...and that I did. I began to train with Kurt twice a week Now after over a year, I'm a stronger, fitter and much happier woman than I was before I started training with Kurt. He's given me the self esteem and confidence in myself that I haven't felt for many many years and for that I'm eternally grateful. The one thing that impresses me the most about Kurt is his passion for his work. His knowledge in fitness, nutrition and training inspires me to work just as hard today at my workouts as I did when I first started those many months ago... Thank you Kurt for some really great boot camp classes. I've loved every minute of it !! Well, most of it anyway. Plate pushes I could live without!


mMy story is a little less dramatic, weight loss not huge, but not any less important to share...On my 50th birthday I made a decision to get in shape. I had been going to weight watchers for over a year with no real success. I met Kurt who with great enthusiasm said confidently that He could help. I confidently mentioned, "by the way I don't sweat." Kurt smiled and said, "oh but you will!" By working out with Kurt and being a part of one of his boot camps I have achieved my goal. I've got energy, strength and a greater appreciation of who I am. I might also mention that I've dropped one medication that I was taking for my blood pressure. My starting weight was 135.8 and my fat content was at 30%. I now weigh 119.2 and my fat content is at 19%!!! I completed a sprint triathlon at the end of August. Working out is now a part of my life, and working out with Kurt is a joy. Weight loss and getting in shape are only a few of the outcomes of this hard work. I'm most proud of my toned arms! I've never considered myself fit. Kurt told me that I am. I'm not totally sure that I agree with that, but one thing is for sure, I've achieved goals that I've wanted for a long time. I'm totally powered by Kurt! -- Maureen Maureen still in action 3 years after she first lost the weight.


lFirst and foremost, it starts with you. You have to want to make a change. It's not something you can half ass and expect to see drastic changes. You have to understand that you spent a lot of time getting out of shape and its going to take a lot of time and commitment to get to where you want to be. Once I wrapped my head around that and also having my best friend call and ask me to be her maid of honor, I was finally ready to make that change. And it has been one that has changed my life. Second of all, you need Kurt as your trainer. I have played sports at a collegiate level and can honestly say that I have never pushed myself as hard as I have since joining Corefit and Kurt is the main reason for that. There are days where you are so challenged mentally to get through a workout where you want to give up and that's why you need Kurt in your corner. He isn't someone that goes through the motions and tells you what you should do. He is someone who has done the workout you are trying to complete, he follows the diet that you need to follow, and when you are injured or sore, he always has something modified you can do to keep moving....whether you want to or not :). I started Corefit in February of 2013. I needed to lose weight by August for my best friend's wedding, and was also finally fed up of being overweight and out of shape. After my first workout I was hooked and knew this is where I wanted to be and haven't stopped since. By the time the wedding came around, I had lost 60 pounds and people didn't even recognize me anymore. More importantly, almost 2 years later, I have kept the weight off. What I have learned about nutrition and taking care of injuries has been enlightening. I am stronger than I have ever been and the confidence I have in myself to complete anything I set my mind to has been empowering on every level. It doesn't matter how old you are, how much weight you want to lose, or whatever your goal is, there is nothing like the feeling you get when you complete a workout that you thought you had no chance of finishing. Sometimes that in itself is the goal....just finishing the workout in front of you. And once you realize you can attain what you thought was impossible, anything that is put in front of you becomes possible.


kIt was January, 2011 and I ached all over -- my neck, legs, shoulders, and especially my back. I felt pain every time I got out of a chair or out of bed. I didn’t feel energetic about anything, not even my lifelong, low stress hobbies of sewing, shopping or even traveling. My memory was failing, too. Names, places, words would just escape me. January 2011 had come along and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to gather just enough courage to give it one more hurrah. A friend of mine had been seeing a trainer, Kurt Salquist, and she had finally beaten back her insulin needs and was no longer diabetic. I thought this would be it, one more attempt to lose the weight. The results I’ve experienced in only 7 months amaze me. My weight has gone from 161 to 139 pounds, I have lots of energy and have become a lot stronger. Not only did I gain some definition in my arms and legs, but all of my aches and pains went away. I can do push-ups (REAL push-ups!) boxing, deep squats, lift weights, and even run for the first time in my 64 years! I’ve gone from a size 16 to an 8. I’ve never worn an 8 before, except in shoes! My energy level is higher and it’s consistent all day long – I never feel those late afternoon ‘crashes’ anymore, even on the days of an intense workout. Now I have enough energy to work out with Kurt and then mow our acre-big lawn! It feels good to be tired from a hard workout, and I don’t feel spent. My memory and alertness have also improved and I feel more present in my everyday life. My goal is to complete the Wunder Woman Triathlon on August 21 in Medical Lake. Kurt has me doing things I never dreamed I could do, such as swimming laps, bicycling, and running in intervals. But my biggest surprise has been that the more I do, the easier it is to do it. For example, on my 15-lap swim, the first 5-6 laps were scary, agonizing, exhausting, and doubtful. The middle five were just to get them done, but the last five were strong and relaxed, with a slower heartbeat, and my best times! He makes me think I can do this. My only regret is that I waited so long to get started. I think everyone should work out with Kurt. He has a specific plan for each person and he has the uncanny ability to know just what is needed each day for each person. molly-bike2.jpg Kurt is the smartest, toughest, most serious, and considerate trainer you will ever find. He has changed my life and I’m sure he can change yours. Do not wait as long as I did! Thank you, Kurt. -- Molly Destefano I'm proud to say Molly has finished her first ever Triathlon, Wunder Women 2011 since this testimonial was written!


jThis has been a journey of Blood, Sweat and Tears. Blood – The Diabetes. Sweat – I mean sweat in the eyes that burns. Tears – Of Accomplishment, that you did it, and that you can do it!! The road to recovery started January 2010 when I went to the Doctor and they said it was insulin time. I am diabetic and I ignored the whole idea and didn’t take care of it to the point the next step was insulin. That was enough to scare me and there was no way I was going to do insulin. I said please give me time to turn this around and change my ways and get healthy. The Doctor cautiously approved and off to the races I went. Started out walking then power walking and I knew I needed more but didn’t know how to go to the next level. A friend and I went to volunteer at the Wunder Woman Triathlon in August 2010 at Medical Lake and what an experience to be a part of those fabulous women as they came across the finish line. I was hooked and wanted to be a part and accomplish that too. That is where I saw a friend from the old neighborhood and who would of thought that our paths would cross again in life. Cindi looked great and was so full of energy and I asked how she did it and she said you have to get yourself a personal trainer and that is how I got introduced to Kurt Salquist of Mobile Fitness. So September 15th 2010 was the beginning towards a new path in my journey. I went to one of Cindi’s workouts and was hooked. Kurt had his challenges with me as much as it was a challenge for me to workout. I had health issues being diabetic for one and being over weight. I had physical issues of lower back, left shoulder, and out of shape. That didn’t stop Kurt, he laid a diet plan out and an exercise plan and in the gym you knew he was on your side. The support physically of working out and being pushed to your limits to the mental support he gave you and saying “You can do this, I know you can. You have it in you.” belinda_running.jpgSo, needless to say as of April 1st 2011 I am off of all medications: diabetic, blood pressure, stomach acid pills and I reached my goal weight. I have never felt so good to be able to bicycle, swim, and run. This highway has had it’s potholes and construction going on but when you have a Personal Trainer like Kurt and a husband who supports you all the way you can accomplish anything. Really what it’s all about is YOU. This is your journey and only you can make it happen. You are in the driver seat and You are in control and I also know that YOU can reach your goals too!!! I’m still in training with Kurt and I have set new goals now. When you finally realize that you can do it the road becomes a journey full of endless rewards. Not only has Belinda conquered diabetes but she has also completed each one of these races as she battles on: Jingle Bell Spokane, Heart Breaker Portland, Shamrock Run, Race for the Cure, Bloomsday, and Wunder Woman Triathlon. Way to go Super B!


iI have been heavy my entire life and struggled with low self-esteem as long as I can remember. I was always the class clown in school to hide the fact that I was so uncomfortable in my skin. I started my weight lost journey in the summer of 2003 at 21 years old. I like to call that time in my life, my rock bottom. I weighed 250 lbs; this is the heaviest I had ever been. I wore a size 22 pants and a 1X top. In the summer of 2003, I was getting ready to move to Portland to start my junior year in college at Portland State University on a track scholarship, where I participated in the hammer throw and the discus throw. I have always been active and worked out routinely (ironic). I started my weight loss journey by joining weight watchers and within two weeks I had dropped 14 lbs. I was on top of the world and it was actually pretty easy. Over the next two to three years I had lost 47 lbs and had gained a lot of self-confidence; but I still weighed over 200 pounds. Following this success I started yo-yoing with weight watchers. I would gain and lose anywhere between 10-20 pounds. There was no stability because I wouldn’t stick to healthy eating habits. I would eat my daily points in one (big) meal and wondered why I could not lose any weight. So in 2007, I joined Jenny Craig. My first meeting with my consultant I weighed in at 215 pounds and within a year I got to my lowest ever 189 lbs. I was ecstatic! Unfortunately, it was not a true number b/c I would starve myself for a day before my weigh in and then weigh in at 7 am. As soon as my weigh in was completed I would go and stuff my face. In January 2008, I started training for a half marathon and this took my workout to a whole new level. My body changed right before my eyes, however, my weight was at a stand still. On a typical day I would weigh right around 200 pounds. In August 2009, I got engaged and I knew I had to go on a diet and lose weight. My goal weight was 175 pounds and not to have fat arms in my wedding dress! In October 2009, I was introduced to Kurt Salquist by a coworker. I began participating in boot camp and loved it from the start! The boot-camp class was everything I was looking for in a workout! I went to boot camp one day a week. Kurt worked with me on my nutrition and tracking my food. I began looking at everything I ate and was finally getting a good understanding of balance in my diet. In January 2010, I started attending boot-camp sessions two nights per week on top of 3 days of some other kind of training, usually cardio. I began to see results. I felt so good about myself and the way my body was transforming, I could see muscles that I knew were there but had never met them in face to face. When I started training with Kurt I could not do one “guy” pushup. Now I am able to do over 20 pushups. In January 2010, Kurt took my body fat and it was 33% and then again in July 2010, the day before my wedding and it was down 25%. I am so happy with my accomplishments. I did not reach my goal weight of 175 pounds by the time I got married, July 10, 2010, I did get close though, 185 pounds. I am happy with my success and continue to push towards my goal weight. After working with Kurt I truly believe that I will be ale to reach my goal weight as long as I stick to my food plan and exercise. I am only human and have faults, it may take me another year to reach my goal, which I am determined to do. Thanks to Kurt, I have been equipped with the tools to be successful and to keep the weight off and live a healthy life! Thank you Kurt for your hard work and dedication to getting people healthy!

Cassie Anderson

iI have always been overweight since I can remember, and never really budged more than 10# up or down. In February 2010 I decided to invest in me for a change after seeing my friend Cindi have such great success with Kurt. Kurt has helped me realize that I can do so much more than I thought ! I started at 38% body fat, and now am 19.6%! I have lost over 35#of body fat. I have learned how to eat a more well rounded diet and discovered my portion size in the past was a bit off from what it should have been. My focus this time around is health for me, not for any one else, being strong so I can do what I want and live a long and happy life. I love that I now have muscles(you can see!) and my energy is so much higher than it used to be. Kurt is a phenomenal trainer who really motivates and encourages you to be your best. He will help you change your life!


hMy “journey” began in August of 2011 after my husband had a “close encounter” with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. We both were at a place in our lives with sedentary jobs and overweight that we knew we needed/wanted to do something. I had a patient who’s son kept talking to me about Boot camp and what it had done for him so January 2012 we both committed to going to boot camp 3 days/week for 6 months. At first we couldn’t even run or do any of the exercises we were both over 50# overweight and out of shape and miserable. It was hard on many levels, we were one of the oldest people, we were the heaviest and everything had to be modified so that we could even do the exercises but we are both pretty stubborn and once we commit to things we don’t quit. At about 6 months we were hooked and I started going 6 times/week and then at about 12 months into this I realized I needed/wanted strength training after all the reading I had done and the results I was seeing with others. At this time I have lost around 50# and I was able to do some of the exercises without modification. I started attending Kurt’s corefit class, I remember one of the first times trying to go up to the 17th floor and thinking “I am going to die!” and then one of the other clients came along side of me and encouraged me, helped me to remember to breathe and reminded me that nothing worth getting unless I worked at it and that I COULD DO IT!! Corefit has helped me in the following ways: 1. Built confidence, 2. Helped me to be stronger, 3. Worked on a whole new level of muscle building, 4. Introduced me to a new way to eat and live. I have seen my body lean down, muscles that I didn’t even know existed are now visible, I am down to less than 24% BMI and I can do things that I NEVER thought I could do. I am encouraged to continue to GROW in my Journey, I have support of the other clients. Kurt has taught me to “Live Life” and be healthy and push myself beyond my own limited thinking. The Friday AM running group is now my most challenging class, I go into class worried that I am not going to be able to do it and then at the end of the hour not only have I done it but I LIVED through it as well with a new accomplishment. I face my fears and step through the door and face them, I have built my confidence, I have learned to compete with myself while those around me accomplish and push me to be better, I have learned to eat to live and perform to my best ability and no longer to I Live to Eat! The friends I have made are beyond supportive, they are selfless, humble, encouraging, pushers and downright GOOD humanbeings and for that I am so thankful!! I did not do this alone, it has taken a LOT of people who have helped me find my DRIVE, commitment, and confidence! Marian Fisher, RN, CCRC, CRCP


gI did circuit training 5 days a week for 6 years but I still had back and knee pain, and was unable to loose weight. With Kurt's personal training and input on proper nutrition, I've lost 63 pounds of fat and gained 13 pounds of lean body tissue in less than six months! I no longer have back pain; my knee joints work as they are suppose to: they help rather than hinder, and I feel better than I have in years...Working one on one with my personal trainer challenges me and encourages me to give it my all -- plus, the results make me want to keep going! I'm 55 years old -- It's never too late to start!" -- Sue Since Sue has lost the weight she has gone on to do the following bike rides and runs: Frostbite run, Race for the Cure, St. Paddy's Day Run, Spokane River Run, Dirty Dash, Flying Irish (48x), Lorraine Miller 50mile (2x) , Calispell Lake Ride 35Mile, Lilac Century Bike Ride 55mile, 8-Lakes Leg Aches Bike Ride 75miles (2x), Great Northwest Fall Tour Bike Ride 55miles and 85miles


When I joined CoreFit in May you asked me what my goals were. I said I wanted to look good in my wedding dress, and although that was totally true, I had a more meaningful plan in mind. I have struggled with disordered eating and severe body image issues since I was a kid, and it’s always something that has been very hard for me to share with another person. I’ve seen doctors, therapists, specialists, trainers, you name it, but really with no lasting impression or results. My husband is the first person that really encouraged me to see myself the way he saw me, and for the first time in my life I wanted that more than anything. My true goal in joining CoreFit was to become a healthier, stronger person, both mentally and physically, because I didn’t want to enter into my marriage with the same self-shaming thoughts I had carried for so much of my life. Fast forward six months, and I am truly beginning to feel like a different person. While physically I don’t think I look very different, I am so much stronger than I was when I started! The things that I am the most proud of though aren’t numbers on a scale or weights on a bar. It’s my sense of accomplishment when I complete a WOD that I didn’t think I was capable of, or rock out a set of power cleans with good form (something I NEVER thought I would get!). It’s also the way I have started to look at food as nourishment and power for my body instead of the enemy that I have to avoid at all costs. I love making and sharing healthy meals with my husband that I don’t feel guilty about eating, and even though I still have work to do, I finally feel like I’m on the right track. Kurt is a great motivator, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your belief in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for making everyone at CoreFit feel welcome, capable and inspired, in all of our different shapes and sizes.


eGet busy living, or get busy dying. That was where I was last year. I was diagnosed with diabetes and had blood sugars in the high 300s. I was constantly tired, had sleep apnea, and my gut prevented me from tying my shoes without gasping. Kurt helped me fix that. He’s an exceptionally knowledgeable and professional whose gracious instruction seems at odds with the intensity he gets you to achieve; but he pulls it off as a craftsman with a velvet hammer. After a year, I have lost the gut, I don’t need a sleep machine to breathe at night, and the doctor told me that my blood sugars were now in the green, and to stop taking that crappy medicine. It was a simple formula: Get off my butt & follow Kurt’s instructions. During this time, I went about my routine and my family watched the transformation. Three months ago, my son signed up. Together, we are seeing dynamic results and are eager to see what the future holds.

JoelUS Air Force

dIn January 2008, I stepped on the scale, weighing more than I ever had in my life. I had tried everything to lose weight – Weight Watchers, Curves, Phen-Fen, etc., only to gain back what I lost, and more. This time I was determined to lose the weight and develop a healthier lifestyle. I started working out with Kurt in Jan, 2008. He came up with an exercise program and nutritional plan (not a diet!) that worked for me; he was always pushing me to work a little harder, a little farther each time I worked out. His confidence in my ability to achieve my goals is what has kept me motivated. Since I started with Kurt, I have lost 55 pounds of FAT and dropped from 48% to under 23% body fat while putting on 12 pounds of lean body tissue and the weight has stayed off and I am motivated to continue! Kurt has convinced me that a sound nutritional and exercise plan is the only way to achieve my goals – and not fads, gimmicks, and weight-loss pills. My goals now are to training for the Valley Girl Triathlon, the Coeur d’Alene Triathlon and the Wonder Woman Triathlon. With Kurt’s support and direction, I know I can do it!


cI had tried for a couple of years to lose the weight I had gained by not eating right or working out, but just could not do it. My blood pressure was so high I was having headaches daily and my doctor wanted to put me on several medications. I started working out with Kurt and lost 15% body fat and more than 20 pounds of fat! I am in the best shape of my life and do not have to take medication. I have Kurt to thank for that. It's amazing how when you do what your trainer tells you to do, the pounds fall off. I would definitely recommend working out with Kurt to meet your fitness and health needs!


1d9469e058fe54c39a9e6df3e7592403a6b094eac77707483774e64d8c5bddd0I spent most of my adult life feeling trapped inside an unhealthy body that I created through years of unhealthy choices. Over the years I would lose a few pounds but quickly gain them back along with a few more pounds. By the time I reached my mid forties I was at the proverbial crossroads of life asking myself do I continue as I am or do I find a healthier lifestyle that is a better refection of me? First order of business was to quit my high stress job in the education field and turn my attention to myself in order to fix what was broken. By the time I met Kurt at CoreFit Inc, I had lost a some weight but had stalled and was gaining the weight back, AGAIN. ! ! From the first meeting with Kurt I knew this was where I needed to be and he would be able to help me. With his cutting edge knowledge on health and nutrition, he pulled together an exercise and nutrition program that has dramatically improved my health far beyond the numbers on a scale. At one point, I lost 10 pounds of fat in one month. Not just ten pounds - ten pounds of FAT! With the loss of fat and an increase in lean mass, I have seen an increase in my metabolism. A feat I didn’t know was possible as I progressed into menopause. I am physically stronger today at almost 50 years old then I have ever been at any other time in my life. Including my years as a high school athlete! Kurt assessed my physical strengths and weaknesses and developed a program that allowed me to increase my strength, endurance, and flexibility. All equally important for achieving maximum benefit in everyday life whether that involves picking up kids, bags of dog food, or weights in the gym. He has a keen sense of how hard to push to allow me to break though self imposed limits and see that I have unlimited abilities to take on any challenge. When I decided to run a marathon, he put together a training schedule that incorporated strength training as well as running. As a result I not only successfully completed the marathon but did so without injury, became physically stronger, and gained more flexibility.! ! In my quest for a healthier life, I have learned many important lessons. One valuable lesson I’ve learned is that no amount of exercise can overcome poor nutrition. I’m not referring to the over indulgence we might have between Christmas and New Year's Day. I’m talking about the daily lack of nutrient dense food in the typical american diet between New Year's Day and Christmas. As a healthcare provider, I felt I had good basic knowledge of nutrition and I relied on professional organizations (the American Heart Association, American Dietetic Association, etc.) to help guide my decisions. I followed their advise assuming they based their statements on sound independent research. What I've learned through Kurt, is to questions those statements and in doing so I've discovered their statements are more politically based then they are research based. After examining some of the research, I'm finding that the way I view food is now in complete juxtaposition to what these professional organizations are touting as a healthy diet. Instead I’m following a more research based nutrition plan that has positively affected my running, strength training, and my wallet. I have more energy, clearer skin, and far less allergy issues! ! ! If I had to pick the most valuable lesson from this quest, it would be that there is nothing more important than my own health. I hear all the time that belonging to a gym or working with a trainer is expensive. Everything in life is expensive...homes, cars, school, clothes, healthcare...everything. For me, it's been about placing my health as my number one priority. I have a 30 year old furnace, drive a 12 year old car, and have many home improvements that need to be completed. Sure, I'd like to have immaculate flower beds, new furniture, or nicer clothes but a sacrifice has to be made to pay for life's expenses. For me, that sacrifice is NOT going to be to my health. I challenge any one to name one thing in your own life that is more important then your health. It's been two years since I first met Kurt and with his guidance at boot camp, I continue to develop my fitness and enjoy the camaraderie with everyone in the CoreFit family. There is no amount of thanks that I could give Kurt that would adequately express my gratitude for helping me find a better life!


6ad5aaaabf1293142d46266968ee8856f8a0ec05a8fd98481de2d5dfa12f5c5cTo those who wish to pursue their fitness goals, whatever they may be, Kurt Salquist is the man to go to. I have been training with him for three full years. I can honestly say that without his training programs, I would not be the athlete I am today. Like Emmit Smith said, “All men are created, some work harder in preseason.” Being a hockey player, my summers are spent every day in Kurt’s gym preparing for the long season ahead. Hockey is a sport that without the proper preparation, injuries often occur and seasons go to waste. Off-ice training is just as important as on-ice training nowadays because the pace of the game gets faster and faster each year. I have participated in many hockey camps and each time the coaches there tell me that I was the most prepared physically and mentally out of any group. Kurts training will test you physically and mentally to the point that you want to give up, but he’s always right there pushing you to finish. He’s the most passionate trainer, and is fully dedicated to seeing me succeed on and off the ice. Kurt will make sure that you meet your goals, and blow past them. He has made me more ambitious than I have ever been in my life. Don’t show up to a session with him without knowing that you are going to be better than yesterday. In high school I was the typical skinny kid that just couldn’t gain weight and couldn’t hold my own on the ice. I was barely 150 pounds. When I met Kurt I didn’t know what to expect. That first summer I spent with Kurt changed my life. I started to take hockey seriously and looked at it as a job. That summer I gained 15 pounds and had a new found confidence. I went into my senior year season for the Coeur D’ Alene Thunder knowing that I was working harder than any opponent I was facing. I reached my goals that season, carrying my team as a captain to the organizations first ever USA Hockey National Championships birth, and an offer to play back east the following season. The 2010 summer was another win for me because I continued to gain weight and became a better athlete than before. I went to Bridgton Academy the fall of 2010 and went through the toughest preseason team workouts I have ever had. But I was ready. I’m not a cocky person but I tore up the workouts. Throughout that year there, everyone knew that I was game-ready every day. That season I received the “Unsung Hero” team award as being “A person who quietly gives 100%” and I owe that to Kurt. This past year I spent playing Junior A for the Trenton Habs, something that I never thought I could do before I trained with Kurt. He spent that summer training me harder than I ever had before. I wrote out personal goals that I wanted to achieve that season, and each one of them I reached. I started every game, was a league all-star, and achieved the goal I set forth when I first started with Kurt, a college hockey offer. In these past three years, I have gained over 40 pounds of muscle and became a serious athlete. I cannot stress enough how crucial training with Kurt has been in my pursuit for success over the years. THANK YOU KURT