Amanda Poulos

CoreFit Certified Coach and Boxing Instructor

The active lifestyle started for me when I learned how to play tennis with my brother at a young age. Chasing the ball—hitting it as hard as I could to beat him—brought out the competitive spirit and love for moving my body that I still have today. Throughout my adolescence, I made it my mission to try out and play every sport I possibly could. Then I found my true love, boxing. During the off-season of basketball in high school we were required to stay in shape, so the coach brought us to a boxing gym. I remember falling in love with the sport, and I immediately asked my mom if I could join the gym permanently. She said yes if I paid my own way (and if I didn’t get my teeth knocked out), and DONE! I was hooked. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best-known boxers in Spokane, and now I have the privilege of sharing the knowledge that I am so grateful for with YOU! I’m excited to be part of your journey to living a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle in whichever way in activity that your heart desires! I graduated with my RN-BSN from WSU College of Nursing & Eastern Washington State University; during that journey, I gained knowledge about the human body and its processes, nutritional components, and kinesiology aspects. I even joined a few gyms around Spokane to gain knowledge in weightlifting in order to best educate and inspire my clients today. I became obsessed with this lifestyle. It’s who I am today, and I am beyond excited to be on the CoreFit team, assisting you in obtaining the goals you have in this new journey. Let’s do this!


Boxing skills
CoreFit Kids coaching

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