Kurt Salquist

Master Trainer

There are a few times in life when you suffer a defeat that can either crush you or give you the opportunity to learn and turn your loss into a victory. This particular occasion stemmed from an unexpected demand of prolonged endurance through deep snow in the back country that left me feeling a way I would never want to experience again. This defeat struck me particularly hard as I believed I was already in shape, but the weakness and loss of breathe subdued me and resulted not only in humiliation, but in a loss I can never recover. Prior to that experience, I spent no less than two hours a day, five days a week in the gym lifting weights. My knowledge of body building type routines that resulted in improving my own physique and the countless people I had helped to do the same had led me to believe I was “in shape.” So why did so many dedicated hours of training fail me? Fortunately there was one attribute I had that would not fail me, my determination. My head went back into the books and every ounce of energy I had pursued any resource that could help me answer these questions and make these changes so I would never have to feel that way again. The burn I felt in my legs that day would ignite a fire that would become the system we use here at CoreFit. A 360 degree approach to fitness that combines multiple methods to train that would allow its participants to get stronger, run faster, longer, build muscle if they desire, melt fat if they had excess, and love the process to get there. We threw away the rules for a standard American diet and found a way to teach our bodies to burn the fuel we have in storage (aka fat) while helping speed up recovery by decreasing inflammation in the body. And the most amazing part of all these discoveries is that we are able to achieve these results in less than half the time I spent training before CoreFit was born.


Program Development
Developing plans for all skill levels

And just like where CoreFit was conceived, in the outdoors in a real life situation, our training principles revolve around real life fitness so no one ever has to question whether or not they are fit enough. “Don’t consider the cost of the action, consider the cost of inaction.


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