How and why you want to Eat Local and Buy Organic

Therese Martinez

This morning I went on a run along the Spokane river on the centennial trail and for the first time all year was actually unable to see the river at points because of… the TREES. I hadn’t noticed them all year until now, when they have FINALLY bloomed and have thus blocked my view of the river. And you know what? I’m not even mad! Spokane has a bit of a hole to dig itself out of to make up for the #$*@% winter we had but I am feeling a comeback. You know what spring means to the lovers of gardens and fresh veggies, too, right?


Time to plant.


If you are anything like me, you haven’t started yet. However! There is definitely still time considering we have had quite the rainy and cold winter/spring. I am getting all my plants and hos in line for this season so that I can make sure to save money and be able to feast on my own fresh veggies in the summer. So very excited. Pretty sure it will look like this when I’m finished:

Unfortunately, I won’t reap the benefits for a few months. So, what’s an awesome alternative to your own garden-fresh produce? Well, your friendly neighborhood(ish) farmer ‘s garden of course.  I am totally stoked that with this Spring-time comes Farmer’s Market season! I just love Farmer’s Markets. The smell of all the tasty treats, fresh produce and flowers, the samples of delicious Kombucha, Cider, and goat cheese, and the awesome arts and crafts, live music and other entertainment (last year I saw a magician at Kendall Yards who did some pretty impressive tricks). Not only is it delightful for my senses, but eating and supporting local is very advantageous for your local community and your health!

Eating local is great for the local economy and the environment. The seasonal foods provided by the farmers are the freshest and have not undergone extensive growing methods to make them grow in unusual regions, or undergone long travel time. Choosing foods from the farmers market decreases use of fossil fuels, transportation costs, packaging and other forms of waste. Many farmers also provide affordable organic foods at the markets as well. Choosing organic is a great way to limit chemical and pesticide exposure, thus decreasing toxicity potential in your body, reducing inflammation, and limiting damage to cells. Buy local and organic as often as you can!

So what better way to get excited about all of this than to spread the word? This week I am sharing the information for Spokane Farmer’s Markets in the area (please let me know if I forgot one) that I visit regularly and highly encourage you to as well. These markets (generally) last through October.


Thursday Market at The Shop

Day: Thursdays

Time: 3-7pm

Location: 915 S. Perry St

Opening day: May 4th


Spokane Farmer’s Market

Day: Wednesdays and Saturdays

Time: 8am-1pm

Location: 10th W. 5th Ave- Downtown Spokane on 5th in between Division and Brown

Opening Day: May 13 (live music!) Saturday, June 14th Wednesday


Kendall Yards Night Market

Day: Wednesdays

Time: 4-7 (sometimes later depending on events)

Location: Summit Parkway just E. of Cedar

Opening Day: May 17th


Below is a list of some produce you can find at the markets. There is also A TON of other awesome foods and goodies so check out their websites for more information. Might I add, they have some pretty cool recipes online too.


Produce Name Availability
Apples August – October
Apricots July – August
Basil July – October
Beets July – October
Blueberries July – September
Bok Choy May – September
Broccoli June – September
Cabbage June – September
Carrots July – October
Cauliflower July – September
Cherries June – July
Corn July – October
Cucumbers May – September
Dill May – September
Garlic July – October
Green Beans July – September
Greens May – October
Leeks September – October
Lettuce May – October
Melons August – September
Onions July – October
Peaches July – August
Peas June – July
Peppers July – October
Potatoes May – October
Pumpkins September – October
Raspberries July – August
Squash July – October
Strawberries June – October
Tomatoes July – October



Flower Name Availability
Asters July – October
Baby’s Breath July – September
Calendula June – October
Canterbury Bells May – June
Columbine June – August
Cosmos July – October
Delphiniums May – July
Gaillardia July – October
Gladiolus July – October
Iris June
Lilacs May – June
Marigolds May – October
Peony May – July
Snapdragon June – October
Sunflower August – October
Tulips Early May

(chart from


Happy shopping!


Therese Martinez, MS, RD, CPT

Therese Martinez, MS, RD, CPT

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